Boise Web Marketing

“Who has time to keep up with all the social media hype these days? Well, for starters, your customers do!”

The Social Media Hype

Who has time to keep up with all the social media hype these days? Well, for starters, your customers do. They don’t take time out of their day to check Facebook, Instagram or twitter. They are constantly receiving push notifications, checking on the best deal when shopping, looking for the latest trends and they do this as part of their daily routine.

The time-consuming and difficult part about social media is not consuming the information, it is creating content that your customers want to consume.

Leveraging Social Media

Most business find it hard to maintain a consistent and effective social media presence. I hear people tell me that “it’s a full-time job” to blog, post and keep up with the latest social media trends. Ultimately, they are ALMOST correct! While each business doesn’t need someone full-time to create relevant content, it does need a person or a service that makes it their full-time job to execute a successful social media strategy.

An Effective Solution:Brands with fewer resources have to balance the importance of working online with the urgency of their day-to-day. Boise SEO does the hardest work for you, letting you spend more time with your customers. We will set up your accounts or fine tune the ones that you have. We will create a social media strategy, work hand-in-hand with your business to create custom and relevant content and monitor the day-to-day activity to maximize your results.

All the Rage These Days:Social Media began as a grand experiment and now dominates the Internet and mobile landscape. It then became a trend, but now social media has matured, and users depend on it for more than just posting the latest cat video. Very few small businesses understand and use social media which makes it one of the few perfect opportunities for those who do!

Be an Expert

Social media allows you to build new relationships, provide a genuine experience for your customers, connect with local interests, expand your brand’s reach, and post expert advice. People buy from people they trust. People trust people they know. People know people they interact with. Be the person they trust.