Kaminario Case Study

"Listens to complex business problems & creates solutions"

Our Challenge

Kaminario is a leader in the All-Flash SAN market. With a global sales force and cutting-edge technology, Kaminario is competing with companies like Dell, EMC, NetApp and HP. Kaminario's success relies on advanced software architecture running on commodity hardware and offers incredible speed and data reduction technology over legacy systems in the market. Kaminario's relies on relationship sales and product demos to sell as opposed to expensive marketing campaigns. While the foundation of the product is second to none, some of the features offered by more mature companies have not been developed.


Kaminario was in the process of building scheduled snapshot technology into their software architecture. The project was 2 years in the works and was seriously behind schedule. Some customers were in the process of a purchase decision and required the snapshot functionality to be working within a week.

Mr. Bailey met and worked with sales representatives and pre-sales engineers to identify the requirements of the demonstration. Mr. Bailey then used C# to integrate the Kaminario API into the Windows Powershell. This process took 5 days to complete and was ready in time for key stakeholders to review and train prior to showing the customers. Bailey then gave the source code to the customer to ensure that they knew how to implement the solution.


Customers were happy to see the flexibility and programmability of the Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array. Bailey's code showed how to integrate with the K2 Platform using Powershell and Web service calls. Each of the customers purchased Kaminario systems and are happy with the results of their purchase. Bailey has been asked back several times to train key technical staff on the best-practices of implementing SQL Server Databases on this SAN technology. Customers gain independently verified insight about protecting their data, scheduling backups and recovery, developing software and handling extremely large volumes of data.


"Shawn has a long history with Kaminario. He was one of our very first customers and has developed software that has revolutionized some of our customer's processes and workflows. He is a SQL Server expert with many years of technical depth and communicates well to business stakeholders. He is a natural leader and born visionary who can listen to the complex business problems, obtain agreements on how to proceed create solutions and organize teams. We ask Shawn to train our customers and demonstrate his knowledge and close sales for us as often as we can."

Dwight Wallace Senior Sales Engineer

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