Medamerica Billing Services, Inc Case Study

"Developing Our Team; Engineering Our Future"

Our Challenge

MBSI is one of the largest provider-based billing companies within the United States serving 1200+ physicians, 6.3 million patients and contracts with 30 health systems. The Software Development department (approx. 11 employees) worked remotely. Management determined that to increase collaboration and develop a stronger and inter-dependent culture they would open an office in Meridian. Idaho employees immediately felt their flexible work schedules and options to work from home were in jeopardy. They immediately assumed management wanted to implement direct supervision and additional controls over their work behaviors.


Shawn Bailey immediately took the opportunity to review MBSI's latest employee satisfaction survey and met with the team for introductions. Mr. Bailey explained that he had been hired to find out how MBSI could improve their career satisfaction and remove barriers that hindered work and creativity. Shawn met with each team member 3 times over a six-week period to assess the level of employee engagement and readiness for change, ferret out complaints, and learn what each person valued from their position.

Next, Mr. Bailey held a short conference and asked the team to address specific issues that were brought up during the fact-finding process. The team participated in a strategic planning session and developed a charter, team vision and mission, core competencies and goals.

Some weeks later, Mr. Bailey conducted an intensive Commitment-Based Communication Training session entitle "Developing Our Team, Engineering Our Future." This session covered certain challenges that exist within self-directed teams and how to work together effectively.


The team committed to working from the office 2-3 days per week and better understood how to operate as a team. They accepted the corporate mandate to increase collaboration and be more accepting of culture changes. Team members also volunteered to be accurate and pro-active with their work and feedback. MBSI continues to allow a certain level of autonomy, but receives daily progress updates and has experienced a culture of personal ownership and higher levels of customer service.

Employees received valuable training and transparent communication about the direction of the company and felt that their concerns were heard and that their fears had been addressed. Senior management visited the Meridian office and committed to make regular trips and meet with them face-to-face.


Working with Shawn over several weeks was an intensely rewarding experience where I had several ah-ha moments relating to my co-worker relationships. Shawn encouraged everyone to be completely open and honest with one another and communicated our concerns with upper management. I was blown away when the CEO, CIO and 3 directors showed up in Meridian for the final meeting and we learned how much value our team contributes to the success of our company.”

Michael Tiegs Data Warehouse Architect

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