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My mission to revitalize and accelerate growth in the small-business community by creating strategic partnerships with our clients and assisting with core areas of their business. Let's discuss your business needs and find real solutions.

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Bailey & Associates

Small Business Consulting

At Bailey & Associates our specialty is small business consulting services.

We relish the challenge in problem solving, creating effective marketing strategies, and helping our clients develop business skills and knowledge so they can succeed in today's constantly evolving marketplace. Whether they need an effective online marketing campaign, increase sales revenue, or promote new products Bailey & Associates will be there every step of the way.

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People Say The Nicest Things

Shawn has a talent for driving iterative improvements to complex systems. I have seen him work very hard to propose big changes and solicit feedback from various stakeholders. He has been my go to whenever I needed someone to talk to regarding database infrastructure.

Quincy Bowers
Software Development
Team Lead Clearwater Analytics

Shawn is a great visionary company President. He successfully aligns strategic goals to the business vision. He successfully acquired clients, increased sales and achieved investors goals. I would highly recommend Shawn to lead any organization. He was a pleasure to do consulting work for.

Nathan Chambers M.S.
Senior Workforce Learning and Development Specialist
The Federal Services Division Ho-Chunk, Inc.

Shawn is a visionary and dedicated leader. I am continually amazed at his dedication and ability to accomplish objectives that I did not think could achieved. Today, when Shawn shares a vision for a new product I no longer question its validity; I get to work figuring out how we're going to get it built.

Andrew Hanson
Software Architect / Founder
Coding Inertia, LLC

Shawn is an individual that conceptualizes and envisions high-level strategy to capitalize on the market, and yet has the talent to drill down to the detail operational tasks that need to be implemented and completed in order to fulfill the high-level strategy. He has a gift for e-business!

Jedd Smith
Vice-President of Operations
Saint Alphonsus Health System

Why Hire Bailey & Associates

Bailey & Associates has provided effective small business consulting services and marketing strategies to a wide variety of businesses in Idaho and California. Our attention to detail and current trends in technology grants us an edge when it comes to marketing strategies and online trends. Business coaching is personalized to each client to help them organize, promote, and profit from increased confidence and business savvy.

Client's hire Bailey & Associates for a variety of reasons.

Bailey & Associates may be hired to identify business problems when management and staff seem to be too close to the problem to work it out.

We have the right small business expertise and a successful track record when it comes to helping small-businesses grow and be profitable.

We can act as an impartial catalyst for change that sets the company in a new direction, sets new expectations or achieve higher-levels of performance.

In many cases, we are hired to provide creativity and objectivity. We provide our best advice and a fresh viewpoint without worrying about corporate politics.

You may engage us to teach skills and transfer knowledge within our scope of expertise.

Bailey & Associates does the "dirty work." We act in the best interest of our client to revitalize and accelerate profitability and sometimes that requires us to handle unpleasant or emotionally difficult tasks.

Many of our client's hire us to motivate, inspire and educate and change dying cultures. We breathe new life into the organization and raise expectations, efficiency and profitability.

Bailey & Associates helps some of our clients start new businesses, expand operations, build new products and engage partners.

What We Do Best

Everything we do at Bailey & Associates falls into 3 core competencies: Timely and accurate financial analytics, building effective business management and marketing strategies, and solving business problems with technology. While this seems like a tall order, Shawn has spent years acquiring the skills, people and relationships necessary to accelerate his client's businesses and achieve significant market disruption.

Truthfully, some businesses are more successful than others when adopting such aggressive strategies. We provide our one hour consulting service so that we can find the right client at the right time, who has what it takes to become number one in their local market. We then analyze their business, local market and opportunities to formulate a plan.

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