Small Business can be complex,
but it doesn't have to be complicated

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What We Do Best

Shawn is the business development consultant entrepreneurs trust to help start, grow and optimize their business.

  1.  Work with leaders to identify problems or opportunities within their business
  2.  Utilize agile principles to iteratively solve those problems
  3.  Remove barriers so people can be successful, creative, and productive
  4.  Raise expectations and increase accountability

Bailey & Associates LLC is made up of teams to assist with core areas of your business.

  1.  A Creative Agency to create or update your brand and marketing strategy
  2.  A Managed Service Provider (MSP) to integrate and support critical infrastructure
  3.  A Digital Transformation team to increase productivity and effeciency in the cloud



Why Hire Bailey & Associates

Shawn approaches each client with a fresh look. He works to understand the problem and the very nuances that makes your problem unique.

Most consultants make recommendations based on their area of expertise. Our firm uses an agile methodology, lean concepts, and the scentific method to get you on track, we do the hard work with you and see your solution through to the end.

Entrepreneurs don't start a business to keep the status quo. Whatever it is that you do, you want to do it better, make it easier, be faster, or cheaper. We are here to help.

We get your struggle. Much of the time, business owners, like you, don't even know what they will be doing that day until they get to work! However, that does not need to be the case.

You can burn out, when you find yourself working 24 hours a day, pulling all-nighters, and fueling passion with sugar. But running on a mixture of sugar, caffiene, and adrenaline is not a strategy for success. Pretty soon your endorphans wil be gone along with your wife and kids.

This is why you would hire me. I understand you because I've been you. My team and I will be there for the long haul.

People Say The Nicest Things

Shawn has a talent for driving iterative improvements to complex systems. I have seen him work very hard to propose big changes and solicit feedback from various stakeholders. He has been my go to whenever I needed someone to talk to regarding database infrastructure.

Quincy Bowers
Software Development
Team Lead Clearwater Analytics

Shawn is a great visionary company President. He successfully aligns strategic goals to the business vision. He successfully acquired clients, increased sales and achieved investors goals. I would highly recommend Shawn to lead any organization. He was a pleasure to do consulting work for.

Nathan Chambers M.S.
Senior Workforce Learning and Development Specialist
The Federal Services Division Ho-Chunk, Inc.

Shawn is a visionary and dedicated leader. I am continually amazed at his dedication and ability to accomplish objectives that I did not think could achieved. Today, when Shawn shares a vision for a new product I no longer question its validity; I get to work figuring out how we're going to get it built.

Andrew Hanson
Software Architect / Founder
Coding Inertia, LLC

Shawn is an individual that conceptualizes and envisions high-level strategy to capitalize on the market, and yet has the talent to drill down to the detail operational tasks that need to be implemented and completed in order to fulfill the high-level strategy. He has a gift for e-business!

Jedd Smith
Vice-President of Operations
Saint Alphonsus Health System